Canada's NDP


March 1st, 2023

Your 2022 Tax Guide

Working For You

The cost of living continues to rise, and more and more families are struggling financially. That is why we are once again sharing this booklet as a means of helping you put more money back in your pocket by highlighting the many tax deductions and credits are available. These include tax credits for seniors, people with disabilities, student loans, and child care expenses.
If you have any questions related to your tax return, the Canadua Revenue Agency (CRA) is the best place to start. We have included the CRA's contact information on page 15. Additionally, we have provided a list of local tax clinics in the the Northwest that can help you complete your tax return.
My community offices are open and ready to help you with any issues you may encounter. For example, we can contact the CRA on your behalf and assist you in navigating any issues that may arise while filing your taxes.
In Ottawa, I will remain committed to working towards building a tax system that is fair and equittable, and that helps families like yours get by.

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