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Dental Care: We're Getting There!

Our team continues to work hard at negotiating the terms
of Canada’s first national dental care program — the largest
expansion of public health care in a generation.

  • Dental care funds for kids under 12 currently available

If your family doesn’t have dental insurance, earns an income of
less than $90,000 after taxes, and has kids under 12, you qualify for
a federal payment of up to $1,300 to cover your kids’ visits to the
dentist. You can apply online using your CRA My Account.

  • Free coverage coming this year for seniors, youth and people with disabilities

We’ve forced the government to commit that by the end of this year,
all seniors, youth and people with disabilities who earn less than
$90,000 per year will receive free public dental care.

  • Our 2025 plan

By 2025, every single Canadian who doesn’t have private insurance
and earns less than $90,000 per year will be covered under the
federal dental care plan.

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